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How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home - A Simple Guide

Don't have time to go out and get your ring size measured? Here's a straightforward guide on how you can figure out the perfect fit from the comfort of your...

Are you looking to buy a ring but don't know your size? It can be confusing and puzzling to figure out what your exact ring size is. But no need to worry; you can measure your finger at home with this easy guide!

We'll teach you how to determine your ring size from the comfort of your own space - in only a few simple steps. Whether you're an experienced jewellery enthusiast or just starting out on the exciting journey of shopping for rings, measuring your finger accurately will ensure that you never have to shy away from buying beautiful pieces again!


1. Measure an existing ring

2. Measure with string

3. Conversion chart

4. Types of rings to consider


Lyla's Treasures Ring Size Guide Chart
Measure with an existing ring and ruler

Measure with an existing ring

To find your ring size from an existing ring, begin by choosing a ring which fits comfortably. Then measure across the inside of your ring with a ruler and note the diameter. Compare this measurement with our ring size guide above to determine the best fit.

Measure ring size with string and ruler

Measure with string 

To measure your finger size using a piece of string, first cut a long piece of string. Then comfortably wrap this string around your finger and mark the point where it meets. Using a rule note the length marked, to find the circumference. Following this, you can compare this circumference to the measurements in our ring size guide to determine your best fit. 

Conversion chart

If you already know your ring size, you can use our ring size conversion chart below to convert your EU or USA size to the UK size.

 Circumference UK
USA & Canada
50 K
49 5/8
52 L
50 7/8
53 M 6 1/4 52 1/8
54 N
53 3/8
56 O 1/2
55 1/2
57 P 7 1/2 55 7/8
58 Q 8 57 1/8
60 R 1/2 8 3/4 59
61 S 9 59 5/8
62 T 9 3/4 60 7/8
64 U 1/2 10 1/2 62 3/4
65 V 10 3/4 63 3/8
66 W 11 1/4 64 5/8
67 X 11 3/4 65 7/8
68 Y 12 67 1/8
70 Z 12 1/2 67 3/4


Types of rings to consider

Wide Shank Rings:

For a more comfortable fit when purchasing wide rings, we suggest sizing up by 1-2 sizes.

Stacking Rings:

To ensure a comfortable fit with stacking rings, it may be worthwhile to increase the ring size by 1 if you plan to stack 3 or more rings on one finger.

Spinner Rings:

With a concave shape and a wide shank, we suggest sizing up by 1-2 sizes when purchasing spinner rings.

Body Temperature Considerations:

It's important to remember that fingers can swell in warm temperatures, potentially making rings feel tighter or leave an indent on your finger. To avoid any discomfort, we advise measuring your finger when cool to ensure the ring won't be too loose when your hands are cool. Measure your finger three times during the day - in the morning, in the evening, and when your hands are cool to get optimal results.

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