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The Fascinating Story of Diamonds Unearthed

Have you ever looked at a diamond and wondered where it came from?..  Diamonds have captured our hearts and inspired us for centuries. The history of these precious gemstones is...

Diamonds are one of the most beautiful and precious substances on Earth, renowned for their striking beauty, enduring durability, and rich history. Here, we'll explore the story of diamonds and their cultural significance throughout history. From the origins of diamonds deep within the earth's crust to their use in symbolic and spiritual contexts, there is plenty to discover about this remarkable substance.


The Origins of Diamonds

Diamonds are formed deep within the earth's crust, under extreme heat and pressure. The process of diamond formation can take up to 60 million years and involves a complex series of geological events. However, historically diamonds were only found in India, where they held deep spiritual and cultural significance. The diamond mines of Golconda in Central India were the world's primary source of diamonds for over 2000 years until discoveries in Brazil in the early 1700s finally took some of the dominance away from India. The use of carob seeds for weight measurement and the diamonds’ prevalence in Hindu mythology all illustrate the cultural value of the gem.

The Power of Diamonds

Diamonds have long been associated with spiritual power and symbolic meaning. From ancient Greece to medieval Europe, diamonds were symbols of power, and wealth, and were highly coveted by royalty. Throughout history, diamonds have contained powerful symbolism and been connected to various qualities: courage, love, purity, and the eternal beauty of Nature. To this day, many people still associate diamonds with these qualities, and diamonds remain one of the most popular choices for jewellery, particularly engagement and wedding rings.

The Untameable Thunderbolt

The Greek name for diamond, "adamas," means "untameable" or "invincible, "referring to the diamond's exceptional hardness and durability. It is the hardest natural substance on Earth - meaning diamonds can scratch every other substance, but nothing can scratch them. The East Indian name for diamonds, "vajra," means "thunderbolt" and refers to the belief that diamonds were formed by lightning strikes. Diamonds resonate deeply with people because they represent the natural world's most extreme and beautiful qualities.


Diamonds have a fascinating and enduring story, one that is entwined with humanity's cultural history. From their long and unique formation process to their deep-rooted symbolism and the many cultures they symbolise, diamonds are a remarkable substance that has persisted throughout history. In many ways, diamonds remain as captivating and mysterious today as they were thousands of years ago. As we continue to create new jewellery designs and explore the many facets of this dazzling gemstone, we keep advancing towards unlocking the true nature of diamonds. Whether you're looking to buy diamonds for a special occasion or appreciate their beauty and mystery, the story of diamonds is one well worth seeking out, and it is all part of their enduring allure.


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